All members are affiliated with Center for Nano Optics at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, with all lab and office space located in the building of the Faculty of Engineering.

VILLUM Investigator program on Quantum Plasmonics

Dr. N. Asger Mortensen

Professor & VILLUM Investigator

D-IAS Chair of Technical Science

N. Asger Mortensen

PI/VILLUM Investigator


namo @

asger @

+45 93 50 71 39

How to find me on campus?

See personal homepage for more details, including cv and full publication list

Jeanette Holst

Admin officer

Christian Wolff
Assist. Prof.


Joel Cox

D-IAS Assist. Prof.
& Sapere Aude fellow


João Henriques
Visiting PhD fellow
(UMinho Braga)

Francesco Todisco

Visiting scientist

(CNR Lecce)

Álvaro R Echarri
Visiting PhD fellow (ICFO Barcelona)

Mikkel Have Eriksen
DFF funded PhD fellow

Fedor Shuklin
VILLUM PhD fellow


Sergejs Boroviks

CNO postdoc fellow


P. Elli Stamatopoulou

VILLUM PhD fellow


Line Jelver

postdoc fellow


Stine Balsby Jørgensen
BSc thesis student

Theis P. Rasmussen

D-IAS funded
PhD fellow

Sergi Morozov

MSCA fellow


Former group members:

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Former undergraduate students and research assistants: