VILLUM Investigator program on Quantum Plasmonics


Dr. techn. N. Asger Mortensen

Professor & VILLUM Investigator

D-IAS Chair of Technical Science

Fellow of APS, OSA, SPIE & IOP

Dec. 2018: Tenure-track opening in computational physics.

Dec. 2018: Invited paper by Roberts et al. becomes Editors' Pick.

Nov. 2018: Invited paper on monocrystaline gold flakes published in Opt. Mater. Express.

Oct. 2018: Grant from the Thomas B. Thriges Fond to support the SPP9.

Oct. 2018: Paper on exceptional points published in the OSA flagship journal Optica.

Oct. 2018: New paper on near-field coupling of gap-plasmon resonators published in Nano Letters.

Oct. 2018: Mortensen promoted to IOP Fellow.

Sep. 2018: Perspective highlighted on the cover of ACS Photonics.

Sep. 2018: Work by Jes Linnet highlighted in Materials Today.

Sep. 2018: Mortensen honored as an APS Fellow at the FiO meeting in Washington.

Aug. 2018: New perspective on quantum plasmonics published in ACS Photonics.

Jul. 2018: Christos Tserkezis recoqnized for outstanding contributions in reviewing for J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transf.

Jun. 2018: Mortensen interviewed by Peter Lund Madsen in Hjernekassen på P1 (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).

Jun. 2018: Paper on transparrent conductive electrodes by Jes Linnet featured in OSA press release. See also Optics & Photonics News.

May 2018: International experts meet in SDU for workshop on topological nanophotonics.

Apr. 2018: Mortensen joins the Science & Cocktails initiative.

Apr. 2018: Perspective paper published in the high-impact journal Nano Today.

Mar. 2018: Paper in PRB highlighted as Editors' Suggestion.

Mar. 2018: Assistant professor opening within Danish IAS.

Mar. 2018: Mortensen receives the Minister's Elite-researcher award.

Feb. 2018: Christos Tserkezis announced as 'Reviewer of the Year' for Journal of Optics for 2017.

Feb. 2018: André Gonçalves on three-month stay in the Soljačić group @ MIT.

Feb. 2018: Francesco Todisco awarded a MULTIPLY Fellowship in photonics from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Action.

Jan. 2018: Christian Wolff awarded a MULTIPLY Fellowship in photonics from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Action.

Jan. 2018: Essential Science Indicators recoqnizes our Nature Reviews Materials as a 'hot paper' in the top 0.1% of papers in its academic field.

Dec. 2017: Paper on quasi-normal modes for quantum plasmonics published in the OSA flagship journal Optica.

Nov. 2017: Grant from the Carlsberg Foundation to support the SPP9.

Nov. 2017: Jes Linnet awarded a MSc degree with distinction.

Nov. 2017: Successful upgrade of our Neaspec system.

Oct. 2017: Mortensen announced as an APS Fellow.

Oct. 2017: Mortensen announced an elected member of Danish Academy of Natural Sciences.

Sep. 2017: Mortensen honored as an OSA Fellow.

Sep. 2017: Special issue on quantum plasmonics edited by Christos Tserkezis.

Aug. 2017: Paper on 2D materials published in Nature Communications.

July 2017: Mortensen announced as a D-IAS Chair of Technical Science.

June 2017: Paper on graphene plasmons published in the OSA flagship journal Optica.

May 2017: Bozhevolnyi and Mortensen announced as co-chairs of the SPP9.

Apr. 2017: VILLUM Investigator personal grant to Mortensen [5.3 MEUR]

Mar. 2017: Mortensen called to become professor at SDU Center for Nano Optics.